Cam Glimpse

Landscape, Travel & Events Photographer

Hi, it's Sayyam.

I'm a landscape, travel & events photographer, specializing in capturing the nuances of different seasons.

I've traveled extensively, photographing the world's most breathtaking views.

Nature's Palette

"Roar of the Ancients"

Unleashing the Fury of the Prehistoric Giants

“Spectacular Splendor"

A Rainbow of Colors, A Kaleidoscope of Character: Meet the Macaw

"Pelican's Perch"

The Pelican's Peaceful Coexistence with Nature

Spring Splendor

"Curious Explorer"

A child explores stream with curiosity

"Green Oasis Dreams"

Serenity Found: An Oasis of Calm and Peace

"Serene Mountain Garden"

Tranquil garden nestled in misty mountains

Portrait - Child in Action

Life Saving Child"

I’m a Police - Zazu

"Winter's Little Sunshine"

A Tiny Explorer's Winter Wonderland

"Whispering Mountains"

A Tiny Explorer's Awe-Inspiring View

"Highway to Heaven"

Explore the Endless Beauty of the Open Road and the Peaks Beyond

"Sipping Chai, Sharing Tales"

The Flavor of Experience, Shared with Every Sip

Sailing into Serenity

"The Brightest Blue"

Journey on tranquil water, nature's embrace

The Season Exhibit

"Infinite Orange"

Leaves turned orange for the season


Autumn foliage across the water

"Picturesque Hills"

Rolling hills in vibrant color

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Travel Photographer


Events Photographer

Triangle Media Pvt LTD


Events Videographer

Triangle Media Pvt LTD


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